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    Insetticida cocciniglia invernale Olio Bianco 500ml

    Insecticide winter cochineal White Oil 500ml

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    Insecticide against winter mealybug 500 ml. White mineral oil. Zapi Garden

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    Zapi winter mealybug

    insecticidal oil against fruit insects, citrus fruits, vines and olive trees.

    what is it for:

    Zapi cochineal winter performs a rapid and effective action against the cochineals that infest apple, pear, vine, olive, citrus fruits.

    when to use:

    November April ca.

    how to use:

    the product must be diluted in water in the dosages shown on the package. we recommend using a pressure pump.

    mibiol - plant protection product - reg. number 5299 of 30/03/83


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