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GardenStuff at the Gitex in Dubai

GardenStuff at the Gitex in Dubai

2020 will certainly be a year that we will all remember for the particularity of its events. Covid-19 undoubtedly has changed the perspective of all of us and of many projects that were in progress, some have stopped, others have taken off, others have transformed and changed shape adapting to a new reality. So it was also for our Start-Up, which thanks to ICE (Italian Trade Agency) will have the opportunity to participate in the GITEX in Dubai where we will exhibit ELIoT in the first week of December.

We wanted to take this great opportunity and chose to be in attendance in the United Arab Emirates to make us better known as an innovative Start-Up to potential investors and proposing ours flagship product to a selected and demanding audience.

But what is the GITEX?

It is the most important business and growth event in the tech industry of 2020, and the annual starting point for the global tech movement: this is where the world of technology comes to do business!

Will be held from 6 to 10 December this year at the Dubai World Trade Center with the aim of showing the technological and innovative ideas that will shape the future of businesses over the next decade. Companies of all sizes will take part in this exhibition to showcase their innovative solutions and products.

And we are among these too!

During this event, our CEO Francesco Tirinnanzi will introduce the ideas and objectives of the Start-Up and will present the product on which we have worked hardest over the last two years: ELIoT.

Who is ELIoT?

Repopulating homes with greenery and helping plants adapt to our home environments is the great challenge we want to tackle with ELIoT, the first intelligent vertical garden, which exploits the IOT technology, tonalize the environment for you and recommends the most plantsù suitable, monitors their well-being and gives you personalized advice on their care all through an App. ELIoT is based on the connection of multiple technologies: a single object can analyze environments, furnish and grow plants, allowing you to make your home or workplace a welcoming and green place through simple gestures that you use every day on a smartphone.

Participation in GITEX is therefore in line with what we most care about: improving, evolving and growing, trying to conquer an ever-larger space worldwide!

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