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We all love the first flowers of the spring months. But some of these should be launched in the fall to produce those gorgeous displays. Narcissus flowers and tulip tops this list.


The narcissus owes its name to the Greek myth of Narcissus, the young son of the nymph Liriope and the river god Cefiso who, rejecting the love of every person, falls in love only with himself. Legend has it that one day, to admire himself inside a body of water, he fell and his body was transformed into the well-known yellow flower.


Surprisingly low maintenance, daffodils are easy to care for. Once you have provided the perfect setting for them, you will have years of flowers.

Its flowering comes in the spring months, between the months of March and June after that, in the autumn months, it has been properly planted.

It can easily be grown both outside, in a garden as on a balcony, and inside your home in a suitable pot. It does not require particular attention since it is a flower that hardly gets sick and also requires very little water and this makes it suitable even for those who do not have a particular green thumb.

Its bulbs must be buried at a depth of about 3 cm and if more than one bulb is planted, there must be a distance between one and the other of at least 25 cm.

The ideal soil for a narcissus must not only be fresh and well fertilized but also well drained and if you decide to plant it indoors, you can choose any type of soil to which you can add sand to increase the drainage of the flower.

It requires a good exposure to the sun, especially during the flowering period and unlike other flowers it does not need a lot of water, indeed you have to be careful not to water it more than necessary in order not to create stagnation.


Let's talk now instead of the tulip: cultivation similar to the narcissus, planted in autumn and flowering in spring. Remember to choose a good vase, place stones and pebbles on the bottom in order to avoid stagnation and place the bulbs at a distance of at least 10-15 cm from each other.

Did you know that the rose is not (only) the symbol of love? Perhaps few know that in reality the flower that represents true love is precisely the tulip; it is the perfect flower to express an authentic declaration of love. A popular legend, in fact, tells that this flower was born from the blood of a young man who committed suicide due to a disappointment of love.

Tulips aren't just beautiful, some varieties are edible! It seems that their flavor is delicious and is close to that of lettuce with a spicy touch. Some bulbs can also be used as a substitute for onions in many recipes. In some areas of Japan, however, the bulbs are dried and ground into flour.


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