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Today we are talking about an aromatic plant but which has a very interesting legend, the laurel: the legend of Daphne.

Daphne was a nymph, daughter of Ladone and Gaea, of whom Apollo fell madly in love without ever being reciprocated for revenge by Eros (god of love). Legend has it that one day Daphne escaping into the woods, chased by Apollo, tired and almost reached by the God, begged her mother Gea (the earth) to transform her so that she could escape from Apollo. Gaea transformed it into the Laurel tree, and at that moment the God took the laurel branches and never lets them go. For this reason, in classical iconography Apollo is depicted with a crown of laurel branches.

This is a plant that adapts quite well even to not very hot climates. However, to grow at its best it needs light and heat: the ideal temperatures are those of the Mediterranean areas. Below zero, laurel can only hold out for a short time. Above all, it must be emphasized that this plant has many beneficial properties, for example: it promotes sight, is an antioxidant and is even a good anticancer. Also you should know that the best month to harvest this plant, which is found everywhere, is August! However, it should not be used immediately as it can be stored in jars and reused in winter.

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