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Welcome back, even today to accompany this splendid summer we will tell you a very special legend, that of the lavender flower.

In Valensole in France, the story is told of a beautiful fairy with turquoise eyes and blond hair, who wanted to choose the place to stop and live forever. He composed a magical book of landscapes and, when he reached the page dedicated to Provence, he became sad and wept because the landscape turned out to be sterile and arid. Her tears fell on the book and stained it with colors ranging from blue to purple. The fairy, to fix the damage on the book, took a handkerchief of the sky and placed it on the book. Since then, Provence is colored with blooms with shades of blue-violet that the beautiful lavender flowers give to the earth.

This plant is perfect for growing in pots but pay attention to the soil! It must always be fresh and draining so as not to make the plant suffer!

Did you like this legend or are you on holiday in Provence?

Send us the photos of the place and the Lavender, the most beautiful will be posted on our social networks!

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