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Supermarconi Climbing Green Bean...

Price €2.45
About 90 seeds | 3 linear meters
Pod 16-18 cm long and 2 cm wide
Without Wire
Climbing type mangiatutto, from late ripening, 80 days after sowing.
Flat bean, light green, 19 cm long and 2 cm wide without string. The plant can reach 50 cm in height, is vigorous and resistant to defoliation.

Caper seeds in envelope

Price €1.30
The caper has been used in gastronomy for millennia. Collected in a bud still closed, it is preserved macerated in salt or vinegar.
Capers are usually used to flavor dishes and go well with a wide variety of foods: from meat, to fish, to pasta.
The aphrodisiac properties of the caper have been known since ancient times.

Rustic Lawn Seeds 2 kg

Price €23.95
Blumen lawn seeds. An ideal mixture for soils subjected to intense use. Composed of varieties that generate a robust, resistant and compact turf. Roots very deeply, resisting tearing.