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Spring in bloom

Do you want spring? The first warming sun increases the desire to get the right tools to take care of the plants and beautify windowsills, balconies and terraces. This season offers colors and scents that are released day after day. Plants, flowers and dirty hands will bring warmth even to hearts!

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Price €3.81

Verbena is the ideal plant, with abundant and prolonged flowering, easy to grow and suitable for warm and sunny locations. Easily attract butterflies and insects and fill the room with joy.


Price €6.25

The Daisies plant is very popular and easy to grow both on the terrace and in the garden and is capable of giving a rustic and cheerful look to your green space.

New Guinea

Price €2.12

Impatiens New Guinea is eager to find a place in your green corner! It does not require much attention and is 'self-cleaning'!


Price €1.96

Small spontaneous and very fragrant, Helichrysum italicum will amaze you with its versatility. Use it in the kitchen as an aromatic and as an ornamental plant thanks to its beautiful flowers.

Bocca di Leone

Price €4.56

Antirrhinum is a splendid plant recognizable by its very particular colorful and showy flowers along the stem. In pot or in the garden it will amaze you.


Price €9.35

A beautiful succulent plant, easy to grow, the prickly pear is immediately recognizable for its typical large and oval 'blades' that are grafted onto each other. A Mediterranean touch for your home!