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Price €6.90

A mix of different varieties, heart-shaped leaves, robust, easy to care for and very trendy. Peperomia is one of the most popular indoor plants!

Asplenium Nidus Evergreen Fern

Price €5.90

Asplenium is perfect for a touch of green indoors and out. Soft and elegant, it is an evergreen fern with a playful shape thanks to its wavy leaves. It is very easy to care for and extremely strong and resistant.

Christmas Star Plant

Price €10.43

Always intensely colored, capable of attracting attention and creating by itself Christmas atmosphere. The Christmas Star, in spite of the name, can stay beautiful all year round!


Price €15.10

Euphorbia milii is an evergreen and semi-succulent plant that lends itself very well to being grown in the apartment, where it can happen that it continues to bloom throughout the year.