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Price €2.47

Although it’s edible and rich in beneficial properties, ornamental cabbage - belonging to the Brassicaceae - is normally used to embellish flower beds, paths and balconies. Available in three enchanting colors, this plant will amaze you with its unexpected beauty.

Chrysanthemum -...

Chrysanthemum - Chrysanthemum indicum...

Price €5.50

Chrysanthemum or Chrysanthemum indicum gives very dense flowers of petals with bright colors, from the Greek Golden Flower, belongs to the Composite family and is native to China and Japan, gives flowering and colorful bushes in autumn.

White Ivy-leaved cyclamen or Cyclamen Persicum

Cyclamen Persicum or Ivy-leaved Cyclamen

Price €4.38

The autumn cyclamen, the ivy-leaf cyclamen or Cyclamen Persicum, native to Persia, creates harmonious and colorful atmospheres in autumn and winter thanks to its constant flowering in these periods.

Bulbs of Amarillis pink

Amarillis bulbs

Price €10.30

Also known as Amaryllis or as Hippeastrum, Amarillo is a very popular houseplant due to the majesty of its flowers and its prolonged blooms: each stem bears three or more flowers, which will bloom in succession, extending the beauty of this plant. It contains 1 bulb.

bulb tulip denmark
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Tulip bulbs Triumph

Price €5.10

The family of 'Triumph' tulips is one of the most important groups: rustic and robust, they have a solid stem, which resists the weather and lasts a long time as a cut flower. They have lanceolate, glaucous leaves and beautiful flowers with pointed petals. There are many varieties available, in every color. They contain 10 bulbs.

Calla aethiopica bulbs

Calla aethiopica bulbs

Price €5.93

Elegance, beauty, purity and simplicity are the main characteristics of calla, the common name of Zantedeschia aethiopica, an ideal plant to embellish your garden, but also to be grown in pots! It contains 1 bulb.

Simple freesias bulbs

Simple freesias bulbs

Price €5.41

Enchanting for the incredible scent it releases during flowering, freesia is characterized by cheerful colors and the elegance of its bearing, which make it perfect as an ornamental plant, both in gardens and for growing in pots! It contains 20 bulbs.

Anemone coronaria de Caen bulbs

Anemone coronaria De Caen Bulbs mix

Price €5.10

Enchanting mix of Anemone de caen flowers that explode in a riot of intense colors: starting from white and passing through the shades of fuchsia and purple, you get to the brightest tones of red. These flowers are perfect for livening up the garden, but also for giving a touch of color to the balcony, growing them in pots! It contains 15 bulbs.

Red ember iris bulbs

Iris hollandica bulbs

Price €4.89

The species of iris hollandica includes hybrid plants capable of producing a very large quantity of flowers with bright and brilliant colors. They are ideal as ornaments for gardens, flower beds and even terraces, as these bulbs can easily be grown in pots!

Iris red ember, silver beauty and autumn princess contain 10 bulbs. Iris mixed, blue, white and yellow contain 25 bulbs. Iris dwarf mixed contain 15 bulbs.

white pearl water hyacinth bulb

Bulbs of hyacinth water pearl

Price €5.41

The hyacinth of water is a floating plant appreciated as ornamental flower plant to beautify the artificial lakes and because it is easy to cultivate also in pot. Contains 3 bulbs.

Flower Record Crocus Bulbs

Crocus bulbs

Price €5.10

Easy to grow crocus bulbs both in open ground and in pots! The flowering, which takes place in spring, will lead to surprising results: crocus flowers are able to immediately capture the attention due to their beautiful colors, which from white pass through the shades of pink and purple, up to yellow and flowers with enchanting streaks.

Flaming Parrot tulip bulbs
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Parrot tulip bulbs

Price €5.09

Tulip bulbs of the Parrot species, one of the most particular and enchanting in the world due to its shape similar to a parrot and its flaming yellow color mixed with red in the Flaming parrot variety and peachy pink in the Apricot parrot variety! They contain 7 bulbs.



Price €7.89

A mix of different varieties, heart-shaped leaves, robust, easy to care for and very trendy. Peperomia is one of the most popular indoor plants!

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CALATHEA Picturata Argentea

Price €16.61

Calathea Picturata Argentea is beautiful and lively, its leaves on the thin branches are able to make any environment elegant and healthy, full of life.

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Price €13.37

Calathea Leopardina is beautiful and lively, its leaves on the thin branches are able to make any environment elegant and healthy, full of life.

Asplenium Lingua Cervina
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Asplenium Nidus Evergreen Fern

Price €7.52

Asplenium is perfect for a touch of green indoors and out. Soft and elegant, it is an evergreen fern with a playful shape thanks to its wavy leaves. It is very easy to care for and extremely strong and resistant.

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