Fruit plants

Potted fruit plants, originally from Italy, Europe and tropical such as four seasons lemon, citrus, banana, pear, apple, apricot, medlar, plum tree and many others to be discovered

Italian and European fruit plants

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Ananas comosus plant pot 12cm

Ananas comosus plant

Price €17.58

Tropical pineapple is an ornamental plant that produces a lot of oxygen, purifies the air and makes you happy! Vase 12cm

Lemon tree 22cm

Sicilian lemon 4 seasons 85cm height

Price €28.60

Citrus limon, Lemon: unique and beloved Mediterranean plant! Delicious-smelling white flowers grow on the tree and bloom all the year. Already from the second year after the planting you will see several lemons hanging from the tree. Flowerpot 20/22 cm h 85/90 cm approximately

Citrus plant

Citrus plant

Price €35.00

Citrus plant with the most loved fruits in the world: species currently available: White Orange Lemon, Sicilian Lemon, Cedar, Lime, Clementine: unique and beloved Mediterranean plant! S, kumquat and Mandarin

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The tree has deliciously scented white flowers that bloom all year round. From the second year after planting you will see several fruits hanging from the tree. Grown in Vase 20 / 22cm the height is about h 80/85 cm (including vase)

Olive tree or Olea europaea vase
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Olive flowerpot Italian Olea

Price €10.30

This Olive tree will take you on a trip to the shores of the Mediterranean from your home. Perfect both in pots and in the ground.

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