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Here is our complete selection of plants: the very elegant plants from outside - such as bonsai, succulents, evergreens and orchids - join with enchanting colors and the perfumes of indoor plants - such as aromatic, herbaceous and flowering plants - to give you the opportunity to make any space in your home truly unique! If you are a DIY gardening lover, you can't miss the wide choice of fruit plants and from vegetable garden, but also of seeds and bulbs that we have designed for you. Also check out the section with the best plants of this season!

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New Guinea

Price €2.38

Impatiens New Guinea is eager to find a place in your green corner! It does not require much attention and is "self-cleaning"!

Pilea peperomioides or Chinese coin...

Price €4.97

Pilea Peperomioides, commonly called Chinese coin plant due to the round green leaves that end with its thin stems, is particular and appreciated for its unique aesthetic, it will give any type of interior a nice dose of originality and greenery.

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Italian basil in different varieties

Price €2.00

Basil, aromatic plant among the most loved and used in the kitchen

The king of aromatic herbs, with an unmistakable scent cannot be missing from your plants, in the many varieties available, Genoese, Greek, purple or lemon, they will amaze you all!

Adiantum Raddianum Capelvenere...

Price €7.99

Indoor plant among the most popular and appreciated, although not easy to grow, maidenhair fern is so beautiful that it is worth the care it requires to preserve it. The dense fronds on long, flexible stems of green-light green color give an effect of elegance and delicacy. Soft and flexible to the touch.