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Here is our complete selection of plants: the very elegant plants from outside - such as bonsai, succulents, evergreens and orchids - join with enchanting colors and the perfumes of indoor plants - such as aromatic, herbaceous and flowering plants - to give you the opportunity to make any space in your home truly unique! If you are a DIY gardening lover, you can't miss the wide choice of fruit plants and from vegetable garden, but also of seeds and bulbs that we have designed for you. Also check out the section with the best plants of this season!

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Pink saintpaulia plant


Price €3.78

The lively colored flowers of the African violet present throughout the year and the easy way they can be grown make Saintpaulia one of the most popular houseplants.

Capelvenere Fern flowerpot 13 cm

Adiantum Raddianum Capelvenere...

Price €7.99

Indoor plant among the most popular and appreciated, although not easy to grow, maidenhair fern is so beautiful that it is worth the care it requires to preserve it. The dense fronds on long, flexible stems of green-light green color give an effect of elegance and delicacy. Soft and flexible to the touch.


Pilea peperomioides or Chinese coin...

Price €4.97

Pilea Peperomioides, commonly called Chinese coin plant due to the round green leaves that end with its thin stems, is particular and appreciated for its unique aesthetic, it will give any type of interior a nice dose of originality and greenery.

Choose from the different pot sizes available!

Lemon basil

Italian basil in different varieties

Price €2.00

Basil, aromatic plant among the most loved and used in the kitchen

The king of aromatic herbs, with an unmistakable scent cannot be missing from your plants, in the many varieties available, Genoese, Greek, purple or lemon, they will amaze you all!



Price €7.12

The beautiful yellow-green heart leaves of the potos 'Aureum' or Epipremnum, decorate your living room. The most loved and adaptable houseplant there is!

Lavender flowerpot 14 cm

Lavender flowerpot 14 cm

Price €2.06

Lavender with an unmistakable aroma. Its essential oil, its perfume has a sedative, relaxing and anxiolytic action.

Schlumbergera Christmas cactus pot 13 white

Schlumbergera the Christmas Cactus

Price €5.29

A flowery winter? This season you will see beautiful flowers appear on the Schlumbergera that will brighten up your home! An easy-to-care-for houseplant that blooms at Christmas!

Ananas comosus plant pot 12cm

Ananas comosus plant

Price €16.90

Tropical pineapple is an ornamental plant that produces a lot of oxygen, purifies the air and makes you happy! Vase 12cm

Scindapsus pictus Agryraeus leaf

Scindapsus Pictus or Satin pothos -...

Price €6.19

Stunning tropical plant: Scindapsus pictus trebie, also known as Satin pothos.

This tropical plant will transform any living space into an indoor jungle. The scindapsus has gorgeous velvety green leaves with metallic silver patches.

Cyclamen Persicum or Ivy-leaved Cyclamen pink

Cyclamen Persicum or Ivy-leaved Cyclamen

Price €3.13

The autumn cyclamen, the ivy-leaf cyclamen or Cyclamen Persicum, native to Persia, creates harmonious and colorful atmospheres in autumn and winter thanks to its constant flowering in these periods.



Price €2.05

Although it’s edible and rich in beneficial properties, ornamental cabbage - belonging to the Brassicaceae - is normally used to embellish flower beds, paths and balconies. Available in three enchanting colors, this plant will amaze you with its unexpected beauty.

Hyacinth Hyacinthus in vase

Hyacinth Hyacinthus in vase

Price €1.84

Hyacinth orientalis in a nursery pot ready to bloom w perfume rooms and terraces. Choose your favorite pastel colors from blue, white, yellow, pink and red!

plant ivy


Price €1.78

Climbing evergreen plant that develops vertically, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Palma Chamaedorea Elegans flowerpot 9 cm

Chamaedorea Elegans

Price €2.81

Chamaedorea Elegans or Fortuna Palm, one of the most resistant houseplants.

Vase 9 or 12 cm

Height from vase approx. 20/26 cm.

width about 20/25 cm.

Azalea or Rhododendron -...

Azalea or Rhododendron - Rose of the...

Price €8.54

Azalea or Rhododendron, also known as Rosa delle Alpi is an evergreen shrub native to the European mountain ranges where it grows on acid soils above the treeline, renowned for its summer bell-shaped flowers with white, pink, red and lilac colors. The leaves can take on different colors from green to carmine red.



Price €6.38

Tea from Canada (Gaultheria procumbens) is the most colorful and original solution for your balcony even in autumn and winter. It is a perennial ground cover shrub that does not exceed 25-30 cm in height.

Available in pots 11, 13 and 19 cm

Goldcrest Cypress flowerpot 17 cm

Goldcrest Cypress

Price €10.69

The Cypress Goldcrest is an evergreen ornamental plant suitable to be cultivated in pots or directly at home in all types of gardens from coastal to alpine ones such as isolated sapling or to create fence hedges, appreciated for urban furnishings as a natural purifier for its resistance to pollution. Available in different sizes.

Monstera deliciosa - hole plant

Monstera deliciosa - hole plant -...

Price €14.47

Monstera deliciosa or monstera obliqua, also known as the American bread plant, hole plant is very hardy. The hole plant has large leaves that amaze. Plus, it also purifies the air.

Tumeric plant


Price €15.22

Known for the fact that spiced powder that is commonly found on the market is extracted from its roots, turmeric is a plant of tropical origin suitable to be grown as a houseplant and to illuminate any corner of the house through its beautiful flowers.