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bulb narcissous pink charm white

Large cup narcissus bulbs

Price €3.91

Narcissus bulbs are easy to grow and in spring they give us a beautiful flower, elegant, refined and very fragrant. Contains 5 bulbs

Lilium candidum bulbs

Lilium candidum bulbs

Price €5.90

Also known as the lily of the Madonna or the lily of St. Anthony, Lilium candidum produces large white and very fragrant trumpet flowers that bloom from June to September. It is ideal for planting in gardens as an ornamental and it adapts easily to any type of soil! It contains 1 bulb.

Hyacinth Hyacinthus in vase

Hyacinth Hyacinthus in vase

Price €1.84

Hyacinth orientalis in a nursery pot ready to bloom w perfume rooms and terraces. Choose your favorite pastel colors from blue, white, yellow, pink and red!