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Amazonka pumpkin

Price €1.75

Medium-small sized pumpkin (1-1.5 kg), with a flattened shape. The peel is dark orange in color. The flesh is sweet and juicy, orange in color. Recommended for all uses in the kitchen.

Late Tendral Melon

Price €1.75

Green melon late cycle. Oval shaped fruits, weighing more than 2 kg. Peel is dark green in color, very furrowed. Light green-whitish pulp, sweet and very tasty.

Watermelon Crimson sweet seeds

Price €1.75

Watermelon with early ripening variety.

The fruit is round-oval, the skin bright green with light green streaks. Its flesh is red, very sweet, crunchy and easy to digest. The fruits reach the weight of 10-12 kg. Resistant to Fusarium.

Exposure: sunny

Transplant: April-May