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    High Foldable Flowerpot 20x60

    High Foldable Flowerpot 20x60

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    Folio is a modular pot, cover-pot made internally with foldable galvanized steel and joined externally with a soft touch copolymer, durable but soft, water resistant and insulating. Measurement 20x60cm, height 47cm, product covered by patent.

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    Folio is an amazing modular pot and cover-pot. Thought to be used outside for its features of extreme durability and tenancy, non-deformability and stiffness but at the same time its perfect to be used inside too thanks to its precious finishes.

    All of this is obtained by the pairing of innovative and performance materials, of exclusive workmanship that makes it mouldable and compact and at the same time non- deformable.

    Plus, its special features allows it to have a perfectly square shape, with perfectly perpendicular sides, perfect to be placed side by side with another Folio, just by fixing them together by an invisible fixing system.

    The different soft touch finishes available ( in copolymer polietilvinl acetate) makes this product particularly elegant and perfect for all type of environments, incredibly pleasant to touch. Also its surface is easily washable even with detergents. This special material coupling allows an exceptional pot tenancy and non-deformability and on the outside rounded and soft corners and edges that avoid any possible accident even in the presence of kids!

    Folio is developed with modular measurement both in length and width with modules of 20 cm allowing a perfect modularity in every space, even of small dimension. These measurement, other than being the most compact on the market by the same capacity also allows to be used as a cover-pot by using the classic plastic pot 20x20 or window box of 40 and 60 cm available on the market. Like this old pot can be easily recycled and totally hidden ( even the upper edge of the plastic pot is covered by Folio!) to use like this plastic widow box with flowers and plants indoor too.

    You can find at the bottom more detailed information to download and discover in detail how easy and practical it is.

    The version of 47 cm is available also with inner shelf placeable on two different height to allow a use as a cover-pot for pot of 20x20 and window box of 40 and 60 cm

    Folio has the most high capacity of all pot on the market, the square version exploit more than 100% of space compared to the classic plastic pot of the same size, the rectangular version more than 66%. This allows Folio to guarantee with half of encumbrance of the classic planters ( depth between 35 and 40 cm) the same luxuriance of the plants inside them.

    Terrace and balcony and delimitation area can benefit the 50% of more space thanks to folios compact size without giving up the plants luxuriance.

    The special integrated feet guarantees both resistance of the structure and soil aeration, allowing also to clean the surface very easily.

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    Data sheet

    47 cm (18.50 inches)
    Galvanized carbon steel coupled with a soft touch copolymer
    60 cm (23.6 inches)
    Screws and wing-nuts included
    20 cm circa (7.9 inches)
    54 liters

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